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  • How does the stork rental work?
    Glad you asked! We rent the storks out for seven days. After the seven days we come pick up the stork and leave the customized keepsake bundle at your front door.
  • What is the cost to rent a stork? Is there a delivery fee?
    The charge for renting a stork is $85. This charge includes a customized keepsake bundle and up to 20 miles free delivery charge. There is an additional delivery fee for over 20 miles. The cost per additional 5 miles can be found under our Pricing and Coverage tab.
  • How soon do I need to order a sign?
    It is best to call and order your sign as soon as the baby is born so that we can customize your new baby bundle and deliver it 24-48 hours after you place the order. If you need a gender reveal or baby shower stork please contact us in advance so we can reserve a stork for your event.
  • What information do you need from me?
    Our typical signs include the baby's first and middle name. It also includes the baby's birth weight, length, and date of birth. If you would like for the sign to include something different just let us know. We will need the address for the delivery. If there is a gate code we wil need that as well. We can take your major credit card payment over the phone to secure your rental.
  • Do I need a yard to have a sign?
    Yes. We can only install a sign that can be placed in grass that has soil underneath.
  • How does the cupcake rental work?
    Our cupcake rental is for 3 days. At the end of the rental the birthday recipient will receive the personalized keepsake message. Our cupcake rents for $75. Delivery is free for the first 20 miles. After 20 miles there is an additional fee per 5 miles. Our delivery fee can be found under our Pricing and Coverage tab.
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