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We offer 6-Foot storks and a 4-Foot sailboat for our baby yard sign rentals. We have pink and blue storks. Our sailboat is blue with yellow and comes with a pink flag that says "it's a girl" or a blue flag that says "it's a boy." Both the stork and sailboat come with a personalized keepsake bundle or cloud with a bow, which will be left on your front porch at the end of the rental.

We also offer storks for grandparents! Grandparents love to rent the stork signs to announce the arrival of their new grandchild. Stork rentals for grandparents also include a personalized keepsake bundle.


Siblings are so proud and excited to welcome home their new baby brother or sister. Coordinating sibling signs placed next to the stork make bringing home baby extra special for the older siblings. Don't forget the fur-siblings. We offer dog bones and cats to include your fur-babies in the announcement.

Sibling Sign Examples:

  • Proud Big Brother/Sister (w/child's name)!

  • (Child's name) is promoted to Big (Brother/Sister)!

  • (Child's name) welcomes home baby (baby's name)!

  • Welcome home love (insert name(s))!

Dog Bones Examples:

  • (Name) fetched a baby brother/sister!

Cat Examples:

  • Purrrfect! (Name) is a big brother/sister!

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